Virtual Student Meetings: Shooting a Short Movie and Creating a Portfolio

Our high school IB DP 10 and 11 TM Film class students from our Levent Campus came together with our 12th grade students for our second online virtual student meeting on Thursday, January 7th.

In this event moderated by our IB Film teacher Gonca Özmen, our invited speakers Eda Bekar and Nur Güzeldere from 12 IB H, shared their presentation on preparing an effective film portfolio and shooting short films.

Our guest students shared their experiences in the context of portfolio films and portfolio reports that they prepared individually. They explained in detail the strengths and aspects of their original artistic works that they produced within the scope of the film course. They also mentioned the tools and software they used, certain ways to improve their creativity, and what type of a roadmap they followed when it came to time management.

In addition, they talked about the objectives and contributions of the film course, such as visual reading, film analysis, knowing the history of film and influences in cinema, establishing connections between films and directors, nurturing artistic creativity, finding new ways of expression and expressing what is wanted to be told in a visual language.

Our guest students Eda Bekar and Nur Güzeldere, who gave detailed answers to each question asked by our 10th and 11th grade students taking the film course, further supported and explained their thoughts with examples and practices and conducted a study that would help our students develop their skills in making short films and creating portfolios.