Our New Library System

As the world is becoming more global, it is looking for the answer of how to raise individuals that have the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and behavior required by a global world. All of these aspects depend on how efficient the educational systems are.

Our students whom we raise as members of the information society, continue to learn the ways of having access to knowledge through the library automation system that has been established on an international scale.

Our collection that covers 60.000 books and other library resources is so rich with a current content including e-encyclopedias, e-books, and audio books.

The First and Only Middle School E-library in Turkey that is open for 24 hours

The library of Terakki Foundation Schools with 7000 e-books is the first middle school e-library in Turkey that is open for 24 hours and available for access from everywhere.

Our students and teachers may extend the borrowing period and reserve the resources that have been borrowed by other users online through the library automation system. In addition to this, they may form reading lists related to their classes and interests.

Moreover, the parents who are full members and users of our e-library may have access to the library automation system by entering their identity numbers and read the e-resources that our library has been subscribed to and see the list of resources the students have borrowed for 24 hours

Our students can have access to resources whose accuracy has been tested through intellectual technology for their academic and cultural research. By developing and maintaining a researcher’s attitude they get rid of information pollution. They are raised as effective library users and good researchers in a global environment and get prepared and equipped for their college lives in the future.

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