Terakki Students’ Three Days Full of Science: Edinburgh International Science Festival in Scotland

From April 16 to April 19 our 6th and 7th grade students from both campuses participated in the Edinburgh International Science Festival in Scotland which is one of greatest science festivals of Europe.

On the first day our students saw the Old Town and the New Town in Edinburg, the capital of Scotland since 1437, which are on the world heritage list and learned about the interesting Middle Ages architecture of the city that reached today from the Georgian period. They visited the Edinburgh Castle, a monumental building whose construction started in 1130 and listened to the legends of the castle that could make it to the contemporary times. They had a great optical experience at the Camera Obscura Museum.

On Day 2 our students visited the City Art Center which was the center of the festival. Our students participated in the workshops titled “Robo Constructors”, “ER Surgery”, “Cubesat Creator”, “Mini Mechanics”, “Virtual Worlds”, “Blood Bar”, and “Zoom Box” that last 40-45 minutes all day by listening to instructions in English at this center which was founded to raise the scientists of the future by instilling in students curiosity and excitement and to inspire them. Students visited the The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh where medicinal plants were raised in 1670 and which still has an exclusive plant collection today. This garden has more than 13 thousand plant species and includes more than 3 million plant samples that are under protection.

On Day 3 they visited the Dynamic Earth Center where they learned about and experienced the formation of the earth and the universe, how the earth got formed from the Big Bang up until now, and the changes living and non-living beings have undergone in our planet through 3D and 4D visuals. That day they also visited the National Museum of Scotland where they learned about the culture, nature, history of Scotland and also about the significant inventions and works of art that pioneered the world science and art history and the related prominent scientists and artists. Among those inventions they saw important works in the history of science such as Dolly, the first and the most famous sheep in history that was bred through cloning, the steam engine that was invented by James Watt, who gave his name to the unit of power, and the Newcomen Atmospheric Steam Engine invented by Thomas Newcomen which contributed a lot to Watt’s work. Moreover, they participated in the activities held within the interactive science events that continued throughout the festival in the museum.

During this trip Doğa Şatır, a Terakki alumnus who studied at Terakki from kindergarten up to high school and is currently a student at the University of Edinburgh Faculty of Chemistry Engineering and Business Administration, gathered together with our students in Edinburgh. Şatır, who was also an IBDP graduate, talked about the how the experience at Terakki contributed to setting up goals and added that the trip they had during the middle school to the Edinburgh Science Festival was so impressing that the student decided to study university in Edinburgh.

On Day 4 our students returned to Istanbul.