Our objective is to teach our students how to think analytically, build connections between causes and effects, interpret their experience, and observe the events that occur.

The goal is to raise self-confident, responsible, and secular students who;

  • Catch up with the advanced technology and knowledge of the modern world,
  • Are committed to atatürk’s principles,
  • Believe in participation,
  • Express and defend their ideas freely,
  • Are aware of the nature and environment they live in.

Our Teaching Practices

  • As we raise our students as they get prepared for university life and real life, we work with students one-on-one outside class hours. Their personal needs in terms of subjects and behavior are met.
  • Subjects are studied with methods that are far from rote learning, but that help acquire skills related to analytical thinking, synthesis, analysis, interpretation, and inference.
  • Group and individual experiments, transparencies, CDs, interactive presentations, and Internet are used to reinforce learning in the lab environment.
  • The Biology Department conducts the university exam preparations together with the curriculum offered by the Ministry of Education. Students are supported through multiple- choice tests in order to reinforce topics and increase the pace of solving questions. Students pick the multiple- choice tests from the test rooms according to their own will.
  • Students are assessed via tests frequently. The knowledge gaps identified through these assessments are bridged in one-on-one and group support activities.
  • Students work on projects that are carried out under the guidance and supervision of teachers. Student projects are displayed at the school at the end of the year and students participate in competitions.
  • In order to get prepared for the university entrance exams (YGS and LYS) in Grade 12 “biology mock exams” are given regularly. The Assessment Department assesses those test results and declares the results to students both individually and as a group. Students are guided according to these results.
  • Latest developments in biology are transferred to students in electronic environment through the common activities carried out together with the Education Technologies Department.
  • Scientists working at universities are invited in line with the curricula and students are informed about current topics.

In the Biology Club information on science and advancements in science are shared with students who are interested in biology. Theoretical and experimental studies are carried out.