The student service buses are provided by independent subcontractors and do not belong to the foundation or the school; however, they operate under close supervision and by cooperation of the foundation and the school.

  • Student service buses provided by the Terakki Foundation Schools cover a wide range of neighbourhoods from Kartal in the Asian side and Kilyos and Beylikdüzü in the European side.
  • Service buses take students from preschool to senior class from their homes to school back and forth.
  • The files of drivers and the documents of the vehicles are saved in computer systems.
  • Home addresses and phone numbers of all students benefitting from the transportation service and contact numbers for emergency situations are recorded in a computer system.
  • All vehicles have been insured.
  • All bus drivers have mobile phones.
  • All bus drivers are experienced in school transportation.
  • Transportation fees paid to drivers are calculated in line with the fees determined by the Istanbul Municipality.
  • Service buses are organized and run by the officers in charge of transportation from 07:30 to 17:00. The vehicles undergo regular exams that are done by people in charge. The people in charge of transportation whose contact info are provided below are available for answering parent questions during office hours.