Health Unit

The main task of the Health Unit at Terakki Foundation Schools is to continuously monitor students’ health conditions.

There are full-time 3 nurses in Levent Campus, and 2 nurses in Tepeören Campus. The Health Unit keeps a health file for each student besides monitoring their health conditions and providing first aid in emergencies with all equipment needed.

  • The health unit also carries out activities related to health conditions of students. There are fully-equipped infirmaries in the schools that provide service to all students.
  • First-aid care is provided after accidents that happen in the school and during emergencies,
  • Students who are on medication are monitored and made take their medication,
  • Vaccination, growth, and development of students are followed up and they are recorded in their files,
  • Students’ visits to the infirmary and the things done there are recorded in student files,
  • In case there is a serious health issue, the family of the student is contacted and the student is referred to a hospital,
  • The general health conditions of students are monitored and advice for treatment is provided when necessary,
  • Students and staff members may apply to both infirmaries to ask questions and to be trained about health issues.