Creative Drama

The objective of Creative Drama subjects is to help students become creative, spontaneous, and responsible individuals who:

  • Have a rich imagination
  • Have self- awareness and self-confidence
  • Can express themselves verbally and physically
  • Are open to communication and have effective listening skills
  • Can cooperate and work in a group actively
  • Think independently, inquire, observe, and produce their own products
  • Can look at events and phenomena from a critical perspective
  • Reveal their personal choices through games
  • Care for the community and empathize
  • Have a sophisticated sense of aesthetics and sensitivity towards art

In the Creative Drama class educational games, dramatization, puppetry, creative dance, creative writing, role-playing, and improvisation activities are carried out. In the drama activities done in Grade 1 students are provided with the opportunity to learn about the concepts of adaptation to school, embracing the school culture, and the basic concepts of drama. In order to ensure interdisciplinary cooperation, the activities that support the units of the Life Science subject are carried out.

Every year many extra-curricular activities are also carried out in addition to the class activities. The “Our Friends” Project held on October 4 World Animal Day and the “Theatre Week” on the week of March 20 – 27 are among those activities.