One Terakki. Two campuses.

Since 1877 Terakki, has been preparing its students for life as self-confident, responsible individuals who have learned how to learn, through its holistic education approach, experienced and distinguished teachers.

Terakki, which has embraced a principled education approach rooted in its past, moved from the Nişantaşı Campus to the Levent Campus in the 1994-1995 academic year. The second campus, embodying the accomplishments in education right after its modern facilities and exactly the same values which brought those achievements in education, was opened in Tuzla/Tepeören in 2014-2015 academic year. Terakki has brought an education environment that combines principles of modern education and architecture with technological innovations and an environmentalist approach to the world of education.

Terakki, which sticks to the realities of education of today and raises individuals for the unknown world of the future, continuously develops and improves its education system pursuing a student-centered approach based on the fact that each student learns in a unique way. The same educational approach and programme is implemented across the board in two campuses.

Being a Terakki student means receiving an education that would be a source of life-long inspiration and getting prepared for life in its full sense and one step ahead of others. Our educational activities are carried out in the Tepeören and Levent campuses by our expert staff in line with this understanding and with the “One Terakki. Two Campuses.” approach.

In our schools we give priority and work to help our students:

  • Develop foreign language skills;
  • Get prepared for higher education both academically and socially in their full sense;
  • Develop competence through artistic, cultural, and sports activities;
  • Become ready for global citizenship through our international initiatives.

In line with our mission, our schools aim to raise self-confident individuals with ethical values, respecting all cultures and diversities, who know their rights as individuals and how to access information, care for the nature and the environment, embrace Atatürk’s principles and secular and democratic social order, do not give up being life-long learners for a peaceful world.