The Foreign Languages curriculum at Terakki Foundation Schools;

is based on the Common European Framework of Languages (CEFR) and meets the high standards necessary for Eaquals (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services) accreditation, and IB Primary Years Programme accreditation.

At Terakki Kindergarten, students learn to value language, cultures, communication and lifelong learning through an inquiry-based curriculum as they begin their journey on the Terakki Language Learning Continuum. The main purpose of the Kindergarten English programme is to develop students’ self-confidence to communicate, express their personal needs, socialise, receive information and share ideas. Basic listening, speaking and early reading skills (phonics) are developed as they interact with each other through collaborative and interactive games, songs, dramatization and storytelling. The use of technology plays an important role in events and helps facilitate learning, assessment and collaboration. The library as a resource of information and a gateway to reading is promoted by the use of e-resources and hard copy books in class.

The programme lays the foundation for students to become confident users of English, who are autonomous learners with social and self-management skills that will be needed throughout their lives as global citizens. Outside of the classroom, students use their English skills to participate in events such as thematic parties and balls, scavenger hunts, special day celebrations including European Day of Languages, and Childrens’ Day. Outside of the classroom, students use their English skills to participate in events such as Fun with English Club (Tepeoren); English Game Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Story Telling Club, Music Club (Levent), thematic dress parties, scavenger hunts, and public commemorations and celebrations.