Our students acquire the principles that would guide them throughout their lives as they progress through TERAKKİ’s educational approach that has a deep-rooted tradition since 1877 and the values of this educational understanding.

The foundations of the Terakki Schools, one of the long-standing education institutions in our country’s history of education, were laid in Salonika, and it started offering education under the name Mekteb-i Terakki (Terakki School) in 1877. Later on providing female students with the opportunity to go to school and offering classes in the Western style of education became the precursors of the modern quality of our institution.

The experience drawn from three different centuries is one of the reasons that enabled Terakki to be accepted as the symbol of achieving progress in education.

The word “Terakki” in Ottoman Turkish means “progress”. Terakki Foundation Schools have indeed been accepted as one of the forerunners of “progress”, “modern education”, and “tradition of modernization in education” throughout all periods since its establishment up until now.

Terakki Foundation Schools believe that happiness, elimination of ignorance, and the creation of a democratic society can only be ensured by the educated individuals of that society; thus, believe that the most significant effort for humanity would be for the education of the individual.

Terakki Foundation Schools, which raise people who have the life-long love of learning, know that each child embodies unique values that would enable him/her to grow up as a free and versatile individual. Thus, the schools aim to bring these values to light, to develop, and to glorify them.