Education Philosophy

At Terakki Foundation Schools, we strive to provide our students with a well-rounded education focused on the 21st c. skills of communication, cooperation, critical thinking, and creativity, with the awareness that teaching and learning is a never-ending process that is constantly renewing in light of our continuously developing knowledge and experience.

At our school, the teaching and learning environment is constructed in accordance with our institutional vision, mission, and values. As educators, we focus on adapting our education to fit the requirements of the changing world we live in. School is life. This forward-thinking emphasis derives from our school’s vision, which is to prepare students for whatever the future may hold and to equip them with the skills to contribute to that unknown world.

At Terakki, with our focus on life-long learning and the never-ending learning process, we believe that education is much more effective when students learn by doing and experiencing. Connected to this, we also take into account our students’ unique personalities and individual differences when developing our student-centred academic programs. Thus, it is ensured that students learn through rich, real-life experiences in an educational environment that engages them and peaks their interest in learning.

In receiving a Terakki education, students are taught to value learning as a collaborative process, and to discover the ways that they learn best, through a variety of engaging social activities. These activities, along with elective courses in a wide variety of disciplines, contribute to students’ preparation for a fulfilling social life and to become well-rounded global citizens.

In our education system, we strongly value the development of high level cognitive skills among all of our students, along with a capability to link what they learn to their prior knowledge and to their other disciplines of study, to transfer their knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to their daily life, to develop technology skills, to adapt to rapid change in the world around them, to act ethically at all times, and to remain open to new ideas.