Age Groups

Children aged 72 months are admitted to our kindergarten.

Age 4 Group

The Age 4 group is for the students who have completed toilet training. After a week of orientation, students start spending a full day in the school and become aware of their interests and skills and develop them while they gain awareness regarding belonging to a group and taking responsibility.

Age 5 and Age 6 Groups

Many key standards related to knowledge, skills, behavior, and habits are achieved during these years.

In this age group it is aimed to recognize, develop, and support the social, emotional, mental, and physical characteristics of the students in the most correct way and to carry them forward. Students who are information and communication literate, creative, critical thinkers, inquirers, communicators, and who cooperate, take responsibility, take risks, in short, those who have acquired skills required for the 21st century are enabled to continue their education in the higher section.

These age groups are groups in which students undergo very intensive learning processes. In our bilingual program, which is framed with a holistic approach and equipped with research, inquiry, recall, and analysis methods; the classroom environment, the display areas, books and posters, internet, films, field-trips, guests, drama, music, art, and physical activities are elements that support the development of skills and learning.

Home assignments are simple assignments -such as creating a family tree, painting what they see when they look through the window, or measuring the perimeter of their room- that our students can do by getting your support. The important thing here is that s/he remembers his/her responsibility and strives to meet the responsibility.