Information Technologies

The importance of offering the right and appropriate kind of Information Technologies (IT) training in order to raise students who can cope with 21st century in a rapidly changing world and to prepare them for the future and their roles in the globalizing world is increasing more and more each day. In today’s world each individual must master in digital literacy.

The objective of Information Technologies classes is to help students:

  • Understand the many forms in which information can be presented, the development of information technology tools according to the needs of people and the uses of technology to reflect real or fictive situations;
  • Learn about main parts of PCs and peripheral units
  • Have an appropriate posture while sitting or standing in front of computers
  • Learn the proper use of computers and other technological devices
  • Recognize the fact that machines operate on a series of instructions
  • Learn the sequence of transactions of a simple event
  • Form visual images using drawing tools for certain purposes
  • Choose the keys on the keyboard appropriately and click them

In addition to being computer literate individuals, students are taught how to take certain safety actions while using computers and other technologies. Moreover, students recognize the health issues that may arise as a result of wrong use of computers.

The topics of the information technology subject are studied in relation to the PYP themes. Our students use the educational game programs in connection with other subjects, draw pictures, do writing activities, and perform “introduction to coding” activities with games that develop their basic algorithmic thinking skills.