Creative Drama

The objective of Creative Drama subjects is to help students become creative, spontaneous, and responsible individuals who:

  • Have a rich imagination
  • Have self- awareness and self- confidence
  • Can express themselves verbally and physically
  • Are open to communication and have effective listening skills
  • Can cooperate and work in a group actively
  • Think independently, inquire, observe, and produce their own products
  • Can look at events and phenomena from a critical perspective
  • Reveal their personal choices through games
  • Care for the community and empathize
  • Have a sophisticated sense of aesthetics and sensitivity towards art

In the Creative Drama class educational games, dramatization, puppetry, creative dance, creative writing, role-playing, and improvisation activities are carried out. In order to ensure interdisciplinary cooperation, the activities that support the units of the Life Science subject are carried out. After units small-scale performances are prepared and performed to parents and students in the cultural centers, hallways, and in the playground.

Every year many extra-curricular activities are also carried out in addition to the class activities. The “Our Friends” Project held on October 4 World Animal Day and the “Theatre Week” on the week of March 20 – 27 are among those activities.