Our libraries accept the library environment as the place where reading, learning, and research habits are developed and aim to meet the needs of all students, teachers, and staff members related to information.

Terakki Foundation Schools Libraries’ provide service in four different libraries: Levent Campus’s Primary School Library, Levent Campus’ High School Library, Tepeören Campus’ Primary School Library, and Tepeören Campus’ High School Library.

There are more than 70.000 volumes in the libraries that we have established using all facilities of modern libraries. In addition to the books, magazines, and newspapers in Turkish and other languages, there are audio-visual resources such as DVDs, VCDs, CDs, etc. and electronic databases available in the libraries.

In our libraries there is a reading room and computer sections that enable all users to work individually and in groups.

The resources in our libraries have been organized according to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules and the Dewey Decimal Classification System and have open shelves. Our students and users can have access to the library records provided in the electronic format and the electronic databases via internet.

Our libraries are open daily from 08.00 to 17.00 on weekdays.

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Academic Technology

Our libraries have a pioneering management approach that follows the latest innovations related to school libraries. Within the framework of this understanding, the most advanced international K-12 library automation system SirsiDynix is ​​used in our libraries, and with this system, every transaction in the libraries is performed electronically at the international K-12 standards. For the first time in Turkey, a K-12 library is using a system of this scale and technological content.

With this automation system our students have access to the information resources whose academic reliability has been tested for their academic and cultural research and to the library catalogue system via the library automation system’s mobile app BookMyne, perform searches, and extend the due dates of the resources they borrowed.

All kinds of printed resources and e-resource catalog data available in the libraries of Terakki Foundation Schools are open to the Terakki Foundation Schools’ students, staff members, and all users on the world of internet via the SirsiDynix automation system without any time and location constraints.


All of our users can use our collections of “general books”, “reference books”, “books related to Atatürk”, “audiovisual resources (DVD, CD, VCD, etc.)”, “e-books”, “e-journals”, “periodicals”, and “electronic resources” available in our libraries in line with the library rules.


Over 10,000 e-books, Britannica Online Encyclopedias to which we have subscription, Ebsco e-books, Tumble e-books, Cumhuriyet Newspaper Archive, Jstor, Digital Turkish e-book databases, and Zinio e-magazine platform are also available for our users 24 hours a day.

Our services

Services such as consultation, lending resources, actions related to the periodicals available in our libraries, user training, and technical services are provided by specialized librarians with professional training in the field. These services are reinforced by educational programs and activities that support the school’s curriculum.

In our primary school library which provides service to students from kindergarten to the Grade 5 in the middle school classes are taught in order to develop student skills related to language and expression, critical thinking skills, and international mindedness.

Reading time, information literacy classes, and English and Turkish classes take place in the library environment. Our students study and read books in the library independently during the reading time. In the information literacy and English classes, they learn how to identify and use the library, and how to carry out research in the library. They build connections with the IBPYP units of inquiry and engage in interactive activities and projects that highlight the libraries as the cradle of knowledge. Moreover, activities such as “Short-Story Reading” and “Fairy Tale Reading” are carried out in our library.

In our high school library, a variety of user trainings takes place for students and teachers. At the beginning of each academic year, library presentations are given to the classes.

Our students are encouraged to learn through inquiry in line with the curricula of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP) of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

While our students create content in order to develop their reading and research skills, they also attend hands-on academic honesty workshop and trainings on how to use a library catalog and electronic database on global standards in English.

Our libraries organize interviews and book-signing days to which the authors of the books students have read are invited and open book stands on certain days and weeks during the year.

Moreover, every year in May a “Library Festival” including interviews with authors, drama performances, music concerts, art exhibitions, workshops, and book fairs is organized.

Library rules

  • All students and staff members of the Terakki Foundation Schools are natural members of the library.
  • Publications such as reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, etc.) and special collections (Atatürk albums, valuable art books) are not borrowed.
  • Photocopying the reference books is allowed.
  • A maximum of 5 resources is lent to the administrators, teachers, and staff members for 1 month.
  • Students are responsible for returning the resources on their due dates.
  • If the student notifies the librarians that s/he will not be able to finish reading the resource s/he has borrowed within 15 days, the due date is extended.
  • Students are responsible for using the borrowed resources properly and returning them undamaged.