The objective of Turkish classes is to raise students who:

  • Love and use Turkish accurately, fluently, and effectively
  • Have sophisticated thinking, comprehension, sorting, classification, inquiry, analysis, and synthesis skills
  • Express themselves verbally, in writing, and with presentations effectively
  • Use intertextual reading skills and enrich vocabulary
  • Inquire the information published or broadcasted via mass media
  • Take on the habit of reading and enjoy it
  • Have advanced skills regarding having access to, employing, and producing knowledge
  • Learn about the local and global culture through literature
  • Appreciate social, cultural, aesthetic, and artistic values
  • Respect universal values
  • Have constructive, creative, scientific, and critical thinking skills

Turkish classes are planned and taught in connection with other disciplines and daily life within the framework of PYP themes. The content of books and texts chosen should be appropriate in terms of PYP themes. The texts and books chosen are studied according to their genres and through activities that improve critical thinking skills. Moreover, creative writing exercises involving poetry, short stories, and fairytales are done. Through interviews with authors and workshops books are evaluated. Fairytales, fables, short stories, poems, and memoirs are read. Grammar rules are taught through these texts. A student- centered approach is embraced regarding activities.

It is essential that our students use written, visual, and auditory resources efficiently and properly as tools for getting information. Therefore, once a week students either go to the library to read books or do information literacy activities.