As the Chemistry Department we aim to raise young people with scientific thinking and research skills in a modern level under the light of Atatürk’s principles and reforms.

We offer a high-quality education to our students that could render them unique in many fields not just in chemistry as we develop our students’ academic knowledge and analytical skills through experiments, projects, activities, and technological infrastructure.

Our Goals

Our primary goals are to;

  • Preserve students’ inherent curiosity;
  • Support the development of creative and critical thinking skills;
  • Differentiate and enrich teaching methods by using technological opportunities;
  • Prepare students for higher education as fully equipped individuals;
  • Help them participate in national and international projects and be successful.

Our Teaching Practices

In order to preserve and develop student curiosity we encourage our students to use the lab in the Chemistry class. We identify the appropriate working methods for designing and applying experiments so that students could reach the required standards. It is essential that students in all grade-levels carry out an experiment at least once a week in Chemistry classes. We assess the lab reports for experiments carried out by our students in labs that meet the highest safety standards and provide feedback to our students.

We encourage our students to carry out research for the subject. We do our lessons in labs and use computers to support teaching. We build connections between the topic and life and create environments in which students comprehend information and learn through experience. At the same time we use Moodle so that students in Grade 9 could work at home and carry out extracurricular activities.

We assess our students through written exams, unit tests, and weekly homework assignments. We identify students’ individual knowledge gaps according to the results of these assessments and help them participate in individual and group study halls to cover those gaps.

We carry out regular one-on-one and small group activities within the framework of university entrance exam preparations in all grade-levels besides study halls that are carried out outside class-time. We monitor the university entrance exam preparations of all senior class students closely. We carefully review the curricula that change and give shape to university entrance exam preparations accordingly.

One of the most important factors that develop scientific skills is project work. Students are guided towards TÜBİTAK’s research projects and international projects. We are so excited to implement our practices carried out under the light of science in a way that suits Terakki Schools.