Our objective in Music classes is to identify the extent of students’ interests and talents in music and to guide them to various branches of music in line with their interests and talents.

Another objective would be to help students express their love for Atatürk, patriotic feelings, and their joy regarding special days through music with the help of events organized for such days and weeks within the framework of music classes.

Our goals are to;

  • Identify and develop students’ talents in music from preschool to senior class of high school,
  • Help them develop the skill of and take on the habit playing an instrument,
  • Help them recognize the difference between quality and unqualified music,
  • Help them become conscious listeners of music,
  • Develop their feelings of love, sharing, confidence, and responsibility through music,
  • Help them develop a repertoire of songs and develop their creativity and imagination,
  • Raise them as free-thinking individuals who are open to development and have healthy and sound minds.

Our Teaching Practices

We create a convenient learning environment so that every student can love music, sing songs, play an instrument, and take on the habit of listening to quality music. The orchestra and choir perform at the event organized at the end of the year.