The objective if the Music classes is to help students:

  • Develop their sense of aesthetics,
  • Express their feelings, thoughts, and experience through music,
  • Develop their creativity and talents through producing music,
  • Develop their personalities and self-confidence,
  • Develop musical perception and skills,
  • Develop their linguistic skills which help develop mental and psychomotor skills,
  • Improve their sense of rhythm by making use of the rhythmic aspect of music,
  • Produce music as a group; thus develop their senses of love, friendship, sharing, tolerance, and responsibility.

The music curriculum consists of four main areas of learning: listening- singing- playing; musical perception and knowledge; music culture; and creativity in music. The music education is regarded as a whole in which traditional and modern active learning methods are used. The music class is interrelated with other disciplines. Knowledge and skills related to music are used while concepts and topics are being taught in other subjects.

Solfege and musical notation are taught as a preparation for the upper grade-levels. The knowledge is reinforced through concerts and activities.