Special Days and Events

Poetry Festival

The Traditional Poetry Contest initiated by Terakki Foundation Schools in 2001 under the title “Dancing with the Words” aims to gather together young people from different parts of Istanbul who love poetry and to encourage them to write poems. A committee composed of poets evaluates the poems and acts as a guide for many young poets.

History Days

Terakki History Days started in 1999 by focusing on the Ottoman Empire and in time highlighted historical places, identities, periods, and then historical concepts as it grew and got mature like a human being. Terakki History Days recently discussed concepts such as nationalism, citizenship, democratization, and tolerance and related issues. Values that are highly needed in today’s world and in our country such as being tolerant, having the culture of criticism, embracing diversity, and being independent were discussed.

We believe that our students and guest students gained a lot from this discussion. We think that a student who carries out research on the themes, presents the findings, attends the workshop in the library, has the chance to listen to the academics in the seminar and to ask them questions, and contributes to the preparation of the declaration that aims to say the last world of the youth about the topic has gained so much throughout this process

Youth Theatres Festival

The festival that has been organized since 1996 opens the door of professionalism to many youngsters whose hobby is theatre.

Terakki Foundation Theatre Festival, accepted as the most objective, reputable, and independent festivals by the high school theatre companies in Istanbul since its first day, provides a platform for young people who do not sit back and watch what is happening around, ask questions, react, feel responsible towards their country and the age, and who are aware of their responsibilities, to express themselves freely. The festival is more than a competition and aims to create an environment in which young people interested in art come together and share their experience.

The festival is organized every year in the last week of May and awards groups/young people from high schools in Istanbul under various categories.

As we are hosting this event, Terakki Actors do not participate in the competition and just perform their play in the award ceremony.

The White Night (Graduation Ceremony)

The high school graduation ceremony is called The White Night because of the female students’ white gowns. Male students wear black tuxedos at the event.

Handing over the flag, presenting awards to the students (valedictorian, salutatorian, etc.), and presenting certificates to all students are different stages of the ceremony and then students dance. The night ends with fireworks.