Special Days and Events

Republic Day

The anniversary of the foundation of our republic is celebrated every year on October 29 with joy.

April 23 National Sovereignty And Children’s Festival

April 23 is celebrated every year with great joy. The festival is enriched with games, competitions, dramas, exhibitions, and fun activities prepared by the Student Council.

Environment Week

Activities are organized during the Environment Week at the end of the school year and various events are organized throughout the year so that we can raise students who care for the environment, use natural resources sparingly, are sensitive about the environmental problems that increase day by day and their environment as we believe in the importance of individual contributions and involvement for protecting and improving the environment as an environment-conscious school.

Library Festival

Students embark on a great journey to the world of books this week which is celebrated by art exhibitions, theatre plays, music concerts, interviews with authors, and many fun activities.

European Day Of Languages

Students prepare interactive presentations, posters, and songs in English, German, French, and Spanish. The work prepared is presented in an enjoyable environment.

International Children’s Rights Day

The Children’s Rights Day is celebrated through activities that match the meaning and importance of the day.