Educational Approach

In our high schools our students are prepared for the unknown world of the future through approaches and methods that would enable them to inquire, carry out research, and generate knowledge by constructing them in their own minds and they are equipped with the skills required for the 21st century.

Our students acquire all kinds of knowledge by experiencing them through enriched curricula, practices, and lab activities. Physics, chemistry, biology, and tissue culture laboratories and the classrooms equipped with electronic devices are available for our students all the time. Our students participate in many national and international competitions and organizations with the research and projects they carry out.

Our high school students are raised as individuals equipped with language skills and global perspectives they will be employing throughout their lives both in Turkey and abroad. They acquire foreign language skills that would enable them to be successful at national and international exams and in higher education and more importantly that would contribute to their strong communication skills as a world citizen in the future.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) which is being implemented in our high school provides the standards necessary for our students to succeed in and after higher education. The program provides support to our students as they enter universities in Turkey and abroad.

The knowledge and progress of our students are monitored, identified, and assessed through assessment practices throughout their high school years. In the light of these identifications our students are supported to maximize their academic progress.

From the beginning of high school, our students are provided with guidance to set their career goals. Equipped with a high level of knowledge and skills during high school, our young students are placed in the best universities in Turkey and abroad.