Information Technologies

The objective of Information Technologies class is to help students move forward in line with the rapid change and advancement in information and communication technologies; follow the age closely; meet their daily needs; and develop projects.

Our Goals

We aim to enable our students to:

  • Learn the impact of information and communication technologies on social life through experiencing them and to comprehend how products of information and communication technologies make our lives easier by carrying out activities that focus on systematic thinking and production;
  • Evaluate the developments in the field of information technologies at local and global levels in both social and ethical contexts;
  • Apply their knowledge related to the field of information technologies to the scenarios they encounter in daily life;
  • Identify the programmes that would help them in their classes and increase their efficiency by learning the current programme applications;
  • Come up with solutions for the problems they encounter by employing the information technologies and to evaluate the consequences of these solutions.

We enable our students to grow up as individuals who:

  • are able to use a word processing program at a level of preparing assignments and corresponding;
  • are able to use a presentation program at a level of effectively presenting the projects prepared;
  • are able to use the Internet in every field of life as information literates in every sense;
  • can question the accuracy and the source of the information accessed via the Internet as a good digital citizen;
  • can do web design at a level to express oneself and events;
  • can use Web 2.0 tools for graphic processing and editing at a level of building connections with multimedia and web page design;
  • can use a spreadsheet program at every field of their lives at a level of expressing the charts, calculations, and results graphically;
  • can use a design tool at a level of preparing designs related to newsletters, brochures, business cards, postcards, greeting cards, and labels in daily life;
  • can design and print three-dimensional products;
  • can carry out various projects using their information technologies skills in connection with other subjects;
  • can cut, organize, and edit the videos taken;
  • can create algorithms and write sophisticated programs by listing the stages of sorting out a problem;
  • can prepare projects using a variety of electronic circuit elements and sensors;
  • have the knowledge and skills to be able to develop their own mobile app using the mobile design tools.

Teaching Practices

In the Information Technologies class the following methods are applied in order to guide and encourage our students:

  • Learning through projects,
  • Learning by doing,
  • Learning through peers,
  • Learning through play,
  • Learning by exploring,
  • Reinforcing positive behavior,
  • Learning through activities,
  • Motivating with the product,
  • Displaying the works and rewarding.