Domestic University Consultancy

Being successful at the TYT (BPT – Basic Proficiency Test) and the AYT (FPT – Field Proficiency Tests) depends on in-depth analysis of the examinations in terms of both technique and content as well as a good preparation.

The BPT and FPT activities that are being carried out in our school consist of a variety of exercises and practices that aim to raise student awareness and to help them perform at the highest level possible. Therefore, a Local University Counseling Office is available in our school in order to provide service to our students and their parents.

Our BPT- FPT activities involve:

  • Providing individual consultancy service to our students, parents, and teachers about BPT and FPT;
  • Organizing seminars on exam content, score analysis, exam tactics, preferences, and career choices;
  • Closely following the the university exam preparation practices of our senior students in high school; determining the shortcomings of our students according to the results of the mock-exams given in our school; and taking precautions to overcome them by meeting with the students;
  • Advising our students and their parents on filling out the BPT and FPT application forms completely and accurately, and on completing the choice forms correctly and wisely. Moreover, providing one-on-one counseling to our students during the application and selection periods; and identifying and eliminating the students’ indecisiveness and their potential technical errors and mistakes regarding their choices.