Terakki Foundation

Terakki Foundation believes that a society can only go further with cultured, talented, and balanced generations that are healthy mentally, psychologically, and physically and have a love for learning.

The foundation aims to provide any kind of facilities to cultivate such generations.

Although many amendments have been done on the founding charter of the foundation as required by the social, legal, and administrative changes since 1877, the mission statement of the founding charter has always remained the same:

  • To open new schools and develop them in order to help spread education;
  • To grant full or partial scholarships to students as much as the revenue of the foundation allows
  • To provide opportunities that help the intellectual and physical development of the youth
  • To establish student dormitories and hostels
  • To organize youth camps
  • To organize scientific and cultural conferences, exhibitions, and fieldtrips
  • To arrange international student and teacher exchange programs

According to the Article XVII of the Founding Charter of the Terakki Foundation, the administration of the foundation must allocate 20 % of its revenue to administrative expenses, contingency reserves, and investments aimed to increase foundation’s assets, and 80 % of it to purposes regarding education, culture, scientific research, and advancement.