The purpose of the Physics Department with academics who have a common principle and goal; believe in novelties, love, and respect; and highlight human values is to raise students as stated in the basic law of Turkish national education and in line with Atatürk’s principles and reforms.

Our Goals

The Physics classes offered in Grades 9-12 are studied in a way that increases students’ interest and curiosity and instills in a joy and excitement of learning. Our primary aim is to help students develop the skill of scientific thinking, make use of technological opportunities, learn through experience and experiments, build connections between and interpret causes and effects, and use their knowledge in their daily lives.

Our Teaching Practices

Students who learn physics become individuals who learn how to learn, become aware of the nature and the environment they live in, and feel that they are different due to their knowledge background.

Physics education teaches them how to speak by thinking, express their intentions properly, take quick and quick decisions, and observe what is happening around them.

  • As we raise our students as they get prepared for university life and real life, we work with students one-on-one outside class hours. Their personal needs in terms of subjects and behavior are met.
  • Study halls are organized after school for grade-levels in the middle and senior classes.
  • Subjects are studied with methods that are far from rote learning, but that help acquire skills related to analytical thinking, synthesis, analysis, interpretation, and inference.
  • Group and individual experiments, transparencies, CDs, interactive presentations, and Internet are used to reinforce learning in the lab environment.
  • The Physics Department conducts the university exam preparations together with the curriculum offered by the Ministry of Education. Students are supported through multiple- choice tests in order to reinforce topics and increase the pace of solving questions. Students pick the multiple- choice tests from the test rooms according to their own will.
  • The Physics Department carries out preparatory activities for the university entrance exam every day for those students who stay after school.
  • Students are assessed via tests frequently. The knowledge gaps identified through these assessments are bridged.
  • The programme of the Physics and Mechatronics Club covers projects that are carried out under the guidance and supervision of teachers. Student projects are displayed at the school at the end of the year and students participate in competitions.
  • Every year the Physics and Mechatronics Club participates in the project competitions organized by TÜBİTAK, Robot Design, and international institutions. As a school we have been awarded many times in the project competitions in the physics category and received much acclaim.
  • The Physics lab and the Mechatronics Workshop are used as an environment that provides academic support and stimulus.
  • The teachers in the Physics Department provide intensive support to projects carried out by project coordinators (such as SHELL ECO Marathon, First Lego League, etc.).
  • Fieldtrips (to CERN, science museums, etc.) and seminars are organized in order to learn about scientific developments onsite.