Education Model

The “developmental” education programme implemented in our school aims to improve all areas of development within a child and has a spiral approach to planning and a holistic understanding.

As the developmental needs of children are being met, the dynamic interaction among areas of development is supported and it is aimed to improve, diversify, and enrich the behavior in all areas.

This education programme helps students;

  • Inquire about their own knowledge, skills, attitudes, behavior, and conceptual levels as learners,
  • Decide about what they would like to learn and the best way they could learn,
  • Develop their imagination, creative and critical thinking skills, and recognize the areas of interest,
  • Learn to be with peers and adults who are not family members, develop independent behavior, and recognize their own and other people’s feelings,
  • Spark their interest regarding research and learning, develop their problem- solving skills,
  • Develop their feelings and attitudes regarding love, respect, cooperation, responsibility, tolerance, solidarity, helping, and sharing,
  • Have self- confidence and self- esteem, and acquire self- management skills,
  • Develop their linguistic skills and vocabulary, and speak Turkish accurately and fluently,
  • Learn through having fun, comprehending, and playing games.