We value our students’ academic achievements as much as their learning by living and enjoying themselves as they learn.

Our students create awareness regarding sustainable energy in their environment. With the electric cars they designed and developed, they have been racing in the Shell Eco-marathon every year since 2005 with resolution, and they play an active role in shaping the future together with their teammates. With the FLL (FIRST LEGO League) competition they work in the field of science and technology and produce projects related to the theme of the year using robots and mechanisms.

Young chemists at Terakki carry out experiments with their lab buddies within the framework of the Terakki Lab Buddies Project within the Terakki Sharing Its Knowledge programme. Our high school chemistry department initiated this project within the context of the 2011 International Chemistry Year and shares its teachers’ experience, students’ knowledge, and lab equipment with the sister schools in Istanbul that do not have the facilities and opportunities to carry out experiments, being the one and the first school in Turkey doing this. Moreover, students in clubs such as Biology, Molecular Biology and Medicine carry out a variety of projects in the Tissue Culture and Molecular Biology Lab.

Our students touch different lives through the Nepal Community Service Project. They carry out the Community Service in the Taurus Mountain Range and Nature Education Project. This project provides them the opportunity to apply and experience what they have learned on the spot and to develop their skills related to adaptation to nature. They comprehend the importance of the fact that art and nature are interconnected and of the human factor that influences this.

Our students share their knowledge with the participant students at the workshops organized in order to support their academic and social skills and abilities within the framework of the “Dream and Do not Fall Project”. This project within the Terakki Sharing Its Knowledge programme was initiated in 2015 at Terakki under the title “A Gypsy Pink Dream” which was based on literature and social sciences disciplines and in 2017 it took the name “Dream and Do not Fall Project” and was structured as a continuation of the community service projects. With this project, Terakki aims to provide sustainable benefit by designing activities for the students they are in contact who have abilities but were not able to find opportunities to develop them in order to eliminate inequalities that rise from natural differences in academic and cultural fields.