The objective is to help students have a positive attitude towards mathematics and to instill in them love for mathematics. We believe that the best motivation in mathematics is to create sense of achievement.

With this objective in mind, we help students become aware of the fact that mathematics is a part of life and that mathematical thinking would help them solve problems they encounter in daily life. The mathematical background that would establish the foundations for higher education is provided. All kinds of educational technology and methods are followed and employed if found to be relevant in terms of the subject goals.

Our Goals

Mathematics is the common language for all sciences. It helps students acquire thinking and problem-solving skills, thus contributes to and helps personal development on several counts. The objective is to be beneficial to students at the highest level possible through the mathematics education offered with the help of new and contemporary methods.

Our Teaching Practices

The mathematics education offered at high school help students learn how to use basic mathematics concepts in different areas, build connections among concepts, develop problem-solving strategies, and look at events in a systematic manner.

The mathematical concepts are studied with a wide variety of methods and activities in all grade-levels in order to develop mathematical thinking and interpretation skills.

In all grade-levels formative and unit assessment exams are applied regularly in order to understand the gaps in the mathematics learning and additional activities are carried out according to the results of these assessments that reveal the weaknesses.

Geometry classes in high school employ axiomatic, analytical, and vectoral approaches and develop students’ perspective and visual skills.

Students who are interested in mathematics and analytical thinking are given projects to work on as teaching needs to be supported through projects. Students are encouraged to carry out research on a topic they are interested in and to participate in math competitions within the framework of math club activities and thus, they undertake responsibility of working according to a plan and in a group.

As we take into consideration how indispensable technology is nowadays, we help our students benefit from technology using the software in our technologically equipped classrooms for relevant topics.

Preparations for the university entrance exam are planned taking into consideration different learning styles and materials are provided to support each learning style. Moreover, students are provided with one-on-one support according to their needs.