About Us

Our students learn and embrace the principles that would guide them throughout their lives with Terakki’s education history over 140 years and the value of this experience.

The foundations of the Terakki Schools, one of the long-standing education institutions of our country, were laid in Salonika and Mekteb-i Terakki (Terakki School) was started in 1877. Later on female students were also provided with the opportunity to go to school and classes were offered in the Western style of education, which were the precursors of the modern quality of our institution.

The word “Terakki” in Ottoman Turkish means “progress”. Terakki Foundation Schools have been accepted as the forerunners of “progress”, “modern education”, and “modernization in education” in all periods since its establishment up until now. One of the reasons that Terakki was accepted as the progress in education is the experience internalized in three centuries.