Physical Education and Play

The objective of this subject is to help students develop the following skills:

  • Taking responsibility as an individual or as a group
  • Fair play
  • Group work
  • Communication and observation
  • Setting goals, implementation, and evaluation

The curriculum covers following activities in order to achieve this objective:

  • Hopping, gallop, running
  • Throwing small objects and jumping
  • Walking in balance and turning
  • Rolling and forward roll
  • Skipping
  • Throwing, catching, and hitting balls
  • Juggling
  • Team games with rules
  • Swimming
  • Climbing artificial rock walls

Classes are based on learning through playing games. Classes are connected to other disciplines and daily life. Physical Education class is one of the keystones of achieving a healthy community from healthy individuals. Physical activities are an important tool of modern education system that aims to prepare individuals for life in many aspects.