Special Days and Events

Celebration of special days and events is an indispensable part of education. These celebrations help students socialize, raise their awareness regarding social values, and respect and appreciate different cultures.

Welcome Party

A Welcome Party is organized at the beginning of each academic year in order to share the excitement of students in the first days of the school year, to boost their self-confidence, to help them socialize with their schoolmates, and to welcome them warmly.

Republic Day Ball

Every year the anniversary of the foundation of the republic is celebrated in preschool with joy.

New Year’s Ball

Special activities and celebrations are organized in preschool so that students would feel the joy and excitement of welcoming a new year.

April 23 Children’s Ball

The April 23 National Sovereignity and Children’s Festival bestowed to children by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is celebrated in preschool with a Children’s Festival and activities that last a week.

World Dance Day

On World Dance Day students express themselves through dance in an aesthetic way accompanied by music and have the chance to have fun feeling the universality of dance and to perform to their parents at the end of the year.

Year-End Arts And Crafts Exhibition

Children exhibit their individual or group 2D or 3D works produced in line with themes and using different materials to their schoolmates, teachers, and parents at the Year-End Exhibition.

100th Day Activities

Since the first day of the school year students follow the calendar and see which day of the school year they are on. On the 100th day students display a variety of activities and projects that are related to mathematics in the hallways.

Good-Bye Party

The Good-Bye Party is organized to close the academic year having fun and to send our students to the upper grade-level playing games accompanied by music.