Social Studies

In our school social sciences are viewed as enlightening the past, present, and future and providing guidance to the solution of current and potential problems; thus, activities are planned in this regard.

Our Goals

We aim to enable our students to:

  • embrace scientific ethics as they have access to, use, and generate information based on scientific thinking;
  • adopt democratic values ​​as lifestyle;
  • build bridges developing feelings of friendship and peace instead of dividing nations, and to approach others’ beliefs and lives with tolerance;
  • comprehend the basic elements and processes that make up the Turkish culture and history and to strive for the protection and development of the cultural heritage;
  • be aware of their rights and responsibilities, express themselves, and be sensitive to the events taking place in the world and in their country;
  • believe in the importance of participation, to put forward unique ideas for the solution of personal and social issues.

Teaching Practices

In social sciences classes:

  • a variety of learning/ teaching methods and techniques are implemented to reach each student.
  • learning has the priority as the development of knowledge, concepts, values, ​​and skills is ensured.
  • use of experience and interaction with the environment are enabled in the learning process.
  • students are encouraged to think, ask questions, and exchange views.
  • classes are visualized in order to facilitate perception and to ensure the permanence of information.
  • museum activities are carried out and fieldtrips to historical sites are organized in order to recognize and protect the cultural heritage.