Physical Education and Sports

The main objective of Physical Education and Sports, a significant part of general education, is to enable students learn through physical activities and movements, thus to increase their movement capacity.

The importance of Physical Education and Sports has increased every day with the rapid technological advancements and it has become a significant discipline for education.

Physical Education and Sports is a branch of science that enables individuals’ physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. Education is one of the most important dimensions of Physical Education and Sports. Physical Education and Sports should be handled under two headings within this framework: “Education for Sports” and “Sports for Education”. In education for sports, doing sports is the target. Education is used in order to increase the sports performance to the maximum level possible.

Our goals are to;

  • Offer education in mind-body coherence,
  • Contribute to the implementation of education in line with the purposes of general education as physical education is an indispensable part of education,
  • Do physical activities for which gross motor skills are used so that human organism could develop to the optimum level,
  • Contribute to the way free times are used,
  • Provide opportunities for self-expression and creativity through,

  • Physical Education,
  • Contribute to the management of feelings and provide appropriate opportunities for interaction in sports environment and expression and control of feelings,
  • Develop psycho-motor skills,
  • Contribute to the development of personality,
  • Guide students towards sports performance training according to their talents and wishes.

Our Teaching Practices

Students do sports first of all to have fun, then to build self-confidence, and to prove themselves. The Physical Education and Sports Department carries out games, competitions, and activities aiming development in terms of sports so that students could grow in many aspects.

Sports involve the purpose of expanding the sense of achievement and winning in a competition. However, students learn that effort and team spirit are as important as becoming the first in a game and that any result should be accepted as normal.

The opportunities and facilities related to sports are so wide and rich that they cannot be compared to other schools because of the importance given to physical education and sports. The school has so many facilities ranging from a swimming pool for students aged 5 to a pool for adults, from gyms to fitness saloons.

The sports facilities at Terakki Foundation Schools are being used all the time outside Physical Education classes for workouts of school teams and for free-time activities and have become an indispensable part of daily life at school.