Special Days and Events

Colored Night

Students graduating from Grade 8 receive their completion certificates in a spectacular ceremony hosted for students and parents.

PI Day Activities

Albert Einstein’s birthday, March 14, is celebrated as Pi Day every year. As the Pi number is accepted as 3.14, a variety of activities are organized on the 14th day of March that is the 3rd month of every year.

Blood Donation Days

In November a blood donation campaign is organized in cooperation with Red Crescent with the involvement of parents and staff. This week the importance of organ and blood donation is highlighted at the seminars and activities organized for students that help raise their awareness.

World Languages Theatre Days

Students perform the plays in both their native languages and the languages they learn (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Greek, and Chinese).

Chess Tournament

This tournament has been organized since 1992 with the participation of various schools in Istanbul and chess players of the future both compete against each other and build friendships.

Jeopardy Quiz Show

This exciting quiz show is organized every year with the participation of students in Grades 5-8. Students compete against their schoolmates in the same grade-level and the questions are mostly related to mathematics.

Debate Days

Students compete in front of an audience twice a year after the debate activities that last a year. Topics discussed at this exciting debate are chosen from current affairs.

Terakkivision Song Contest

It is a song contest in which students in Grades 5-8 participate and compete with each other based on their creativity, costumes, music, rhythm, and choreography.

Games And Cooperation

Sports events aim to help students learn about sharing, brotherhood, altruism, solidarity, sense of community, and team spirit without having any winners or losers. Students in Grades 5-8 compete in these events every year.

European Day Of Languages

The European Day of Languages that has been promoted by the European Union to be celebrated on September 26 since 2001 is being celebrated in our school through a variety of activities.