The Foreign Languages curriculum at Terakki Foundation Schools is based on the Common European Framework of Languages (CEFR), and meets the high standards necessary for Eaquals (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services) accreditation. Throughout their time at Terakki High School, students follow the Terakki Language Learning Continuum to become competent English users who can skillfully adapt their English language skills according to context, audience and purpose. Students who have met the requirements of the curriculum, are expected to be successful at English proficiency exams (i.e IELTS, TOEFL) required for University entrance and employment.

At Terakki Foundation Schools, students begin their learning journey in either the English Preparatory year or the 9th Grade. In the 10th & 11th Grade, students who join the IBDP program have the opportunity to study English B Higher Level. Regardless of the course taken, all students follow a high quality unit-based course that is especially designed to meet students’ needs and interests, including transparent assessment as an effective way of tracking progress.

A varied language teaching methodology is employed at Terakki Foundation Schools, accompanied by a wide range of teaching and learning strategies. Communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration are norms in our language learning classrooms. At all levels, there is a differentiation in strategies, content and assessment so that learning is maximized for all students.

Outside of the classroom, the many English language clubs on offer allow our students to develop their language skills, whether this be representing a country at Model United Nations or presenting the results of their research to their peers in the Global Issues Network Club. Members of the English Speaking Union Club practice their public speaking and debating skills at a competitive level both in Turkey and abroad. An English language fashion club is also available for students who want to design and create an item of their choice.

Beyond school, the English Department offers numerous opportunities to interact with other speakers of English on overseas trips.