Student Council

The Student Council of Terakki Foundation Schools, that helps students acquire the awareness, responsibility, and values that are required for a democratic community, has been active since 1999- 2000 academic year.

The related system was initiated in two sections in 2007- 2008 academic year as primary school and high school. The student council, the president of the council, and the executive committee were appointed as a result of an election and they set a work schedule for the primary school students. With this change primary school students were provided with a work environment where they could work more actively and organized activities that are appropriate for their ages.

The student council and the president of the council are elected and appointed every year through elections. The objective of this practice is to help students learn to use the right to vote and stand for election; understand the need to respect and tolerate different ideas; and to build self- confidence.

Students are expected to develop skills of self- management and control; understand the need to comply with the school order and the rules set by them; work in cooperation with the administration, teachers, and students.