Theatre Festival

Terakki Foundation Youth Theatres Festival that has been organized since 1996 opens the door of professionalism to many youngsters whose hobby is theatre.

Terakki Foundation Theatres Festival, accepted as the most objective, reputable, and independent festivals by the high school theatre companies in Istanbul since its first day, provides a platform for young people who do not sit back and watch what is happening around, ask questions, react, feel responsible towards their country and the age, and who are aware of their responsibilities, to express themselves freely. The festival is more than a competition and aims to create an environment in which young people interested in art come together and share their experience.

The festival is organized every year in the last week of May and awards groups/young people from high schools in Istanbul under various categories.

As we are hosting this event, Terakki Actors do not participate in the competition and just perform their play in the award ceremony.