The objective of the Music classes is to help students:

  • Have basic knowledge regarding music
  • Reveal their artistic talents and creativity
  • Take on the habit of listening to music and become good listeners
  • Have the repertoire of songs and instruments appropriate for their ages
  • Have the skill of expression their feelings through music
  • Develop their senses of love, friendship, and responsibility through making music as a group
  • Enjoy participating in musical activities
  • See music as a part of their lives and become versatile individuals

The music curriculum is based on four basic learning areas: Listening- Singing- Playing Musical Perception and Knowledge Music Culture Creativity in Music. The music education is regarded as a whole and traditional and modern active learning methods are used in classes. The music class is interrelated with other disciplines. Knowledge and skills related to music are used while concepts and topics are being taught in other subjects.

Musical notation, games, and Orff Schulwerk approaches are used in activities. All of these activities lay the foundation of the branch activities that will start in Grade 4 (chorus, violin, recorder, Orff instruments, and flute).