Physical Education and Play

The Physical Education activities carried out in preschool are a sum of activities done to ensure psychological, physical, and intellectual development of kids and to help them get used to daily life.

The Physical Education activities are shaped by taking into consideration the characteristics of the age group in order to meet the needs of their imagination and the need for playing.


  • Strengthening and developing all organs and systems in an appropriate way to an optimal level
  • Ensuring coordination of nerves, muscles, and joints
  • Getting a good posture
  • Understanding the meaning and importance of national festivals and days of independence and being eager to participate in ceremonies
  • Understanding the benefits of physical education and sports
  • Playing and competing in a friendly way

Expected Behavior

  • Developing coordination regarding walking, skipping, and leaping
  • Imitating animals and how they walk using body language
  • Recognizing the body
  • Being organized in terms of wearing sports clothes and dressing up on their own
  • Learning and applying the rules of physical locations
  • Acquiring self- confidence and skills
  • Developing the strength, flexibility of muscles and movability of the joints
  • Improving endurance and swiftness
  • Partner activities
  • Acquiring the sense of rhythm through melodies with simple rhythms