Turkish Language and Literature

The objective of the classes offered in the Turkish Language and Literature Department is to help students raise their academic level and become individuals who care about local and global issues and have universal intellectual standards.

Our Goals

The goals are to develop skills regarding examining texts, interpreting, comprehension, explanation, and language, and to help students learn about works of art and enjoy art.

Our Teaching Practices

We want our students have a role in the community as self-sufficient individuals who have advanced analysis, synthesis, comparison, and interpretation skills, critical perspective with a sound background by helping them learn the methods to have access to knowledge and apply what they learn.

At the end of each semester the Turkish Language and Literature Department reviews its activities and pays attention to become more efficient and well-rounded for the coming academic year.

In line with our mission and vision, in Turkish and Turkish Language and Literature classes we give a broad language and literature background whereas we apply YGS and LYS (university entrance exams) programmes in classes and exams as being successful at these exams is another goal for us.

We invite contemporary artists to school for social and cultural events such as interviews and festivals in order to help our students exchange ideas with those people.

As Terakki Foundation Schools we have been organizing and hosting a poetry festival with the participation of high school in Istanbul since 2000.

Our objective is to help our students encounter poetry, one of the most important branches of literature, to raise their emotional development, to encourage them to write poems and to work on fine arts, and to raise social individuals.

The competition is open to all high school students in Istanbul. Moreover, a poetry workshop with a poet is organized before the award ceremony for students who are enthusiastic. A committee of poets reviews poems that are sent for competition and the students who qualify are awarded by the Terakki Foundation Schools. After the competition a poetry book titled Sözcüklerle Dans (Dancing with Words) is published.