Today modern technology and information age provide individuals with many facilities; however, they limit intellectual and physical activities of people. Sports, which help improve physical and psychological health, become more and more important every day.

One of the most important places where individuals are introduced with regular physical activities is an educational institution. This whole process starts with preschool education and students take sports on as a beneficial habit and continue to do several sports when they get older.

There are sports programmes available that are suitable for each age group at Terakki Foundation Sports Facilities that offer a modern and healthy environment for sports. Our students may attend sports programmes under the supervision of trainers/coaches who are experts in their fields. These programmes are also open to students from other schools.

Sports School

Our students participate in sports programs under the guidance of expert trainers in two separate periods organized independently on weekends. Young talents are discovered in this setting and are included in the candidate staff of our school teams.

Our sports programs are also open to the participation of children and young people who are not studying at Terakki if there is available quota.

Summer School

Every summer children enjoy their summer vacation by attending programs that consist of sports and fun activities under the guidance of expert instructors. Children who are 5-11 years old have both an educational and happy holiday and they also develop their sports skills, participate in group activities, express themselves freely, share, and provide support to each other at our Summer School.

This program, which is implemented every day during the week, is also available to children who are not Terakki students.