Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service

The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service is a systematic and structured counseling process that enables individuals to learn about and understand themselves; develop problem-solving skills; express their feelings and thoughts in an effective way; build harmonious relationships with their environment; become aware of and reveal their interests and talents.

The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service within the Terakki Foundation Schools has been actively providing service since 1964. The activities are student-centered. The purpose is to help students learn about themselves and to contribute to their personal development. Each student is valuable and the development process of each student is evaluated in itself. Parents, teachers, and administration keep in touch and cooperate in order to develop and guide students. Privacy is crucial in guidance and counseling service and the relationships are based on trust. The counseling services are offered in line with the related topics and needs of students, parents, and teachers. The duration of and the solutions provided by the service vary from student to student and from need to need. Participation and cooperation of all of the stakeholders in education are crucial for the provision of counseling services.