The objective of Turkish classes is to raise students who:

  • Comprehend and interpret what they see and listen
  • Express themselves verbally, in writing, and with presentations effectively
  • Take on the habit of reading and enjoy it, and thus enrich their vocabulary
  • Have a sophisticated sense of aesthetics
  • Learn about the local and global culture through literature
  • Have constructive, creative, scientific, and critical thinking skills

The activities carried out to achieve this objective help students:

  • Recognize and develop the richness of the language
  • Study materials from various cultures
  • Use language for creative problem- solving and getting information
  • Investigate literary works
  • Read for understanding

Through class activities, interviews with authors, and workshops the books read are evaluated. Fairytales, fables, short stories, poems, and memoirs are read. The texts selected are examined according to their genres. Grammar rules are taught through these texts. Writing exercises such as poems, short stories, and fairytales are carried out.