The objective of the Music department is to develop musical culture within a contemporary framework, to help students express themselves through music, develop their collaboration skills, and socialize.

Another objective is to develop students’ musical abilities and creative powers and reinforce their artistic perception, and to realize these perceptions that will empower them throughout their lives.

Through our music education students’ cultural background gets stronger and their sense of aesthetics develops and they become good listeners and take on the habit of following cultural events.

As the music department we aim to raise self- confident, independent, and responsible individuals who can realize what they learn.

Our Goals

Our goals are to help students;

  • Establish the infrastructure of a modern community that values art and artists
  • Acquire the skill of playing a musical instrument and take on the habit of playing an instrument
  • Take on the habit of listening to quality music
  • Create work environment that helps students socialize (choirs, orchestras, and music bands)

Our Teaching Practices

In all grade-levels of the primary school theoretical and applied music knowledge is taught in line with the curriculum. Songs and selected pieces of music that are appropriate in terms of students’ levels are taught in order to develop their voices, sense of hearing, and taste of music. Notation is taught starting from Grade 4.

All activities in terms of choir and instruments that take place from preschool to high school are performed and presented to an audience in a concert organized at the end of each year.