The Foreign Languages curriculum at Terakki Foundation Schools is based on the Common European Framework of Languages (CEFR) supplemented by our own objectives that target our students’ needs, and meets the high standards necessary for Eaquals (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services) accreditation. At Terakki Middle School, students follow a course designed to build language and language learning skills that will prepare students for their continuing success within academic life as well as for effectively participating in a world where English is a shared language and global citizenship is a necessity.

Throughout middle school, students engage with English through a wide range of universal themes and by using a wide variety of learning strategies. Communication, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and reflection are norms in our language learning classrooms as students are engaged in meaningful and relevant tasks and projects.

At all levels, there is a differentiation in the learning process, content of lessons, and assessment tasks so that learning is maximized for all students. This is supplemented by a weekly support system.

In addition to increasing student motivation, the considered integration of technology into the language [HO1] curriculum supports students in meeting learning objectives and in becoming autonomous learners.

Outside of the classroom, the many English language clubs on offer at Terakki allow students to develop their language skills; some of the clubs students can choose to participate in are Junior Model United Nations, English Drama Club, English Podcast Club, Trivia Club, Travelling Artists Club, Film English Club or English Cooking Club.

Off campus, the English Department offers opportunities for students to interact with other speakers of English during overseas trips, exchange programmes and international conferences.