Physical Education and Sports

The future of nations depends on physical and psychological maturity of young people. Civilization depends on the importance given to the individual and the education offered to the individuals.

What is expected from education is revealing individuals’ potentials and abilities, and develop and take them to the maximum level. Educating individuals as a whole with their physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects is one of the main principles of modern education.

Our Goals

Our goal is to raise students as happy, healthy, balanced, constructive, creative, and productive individuals with integrity who have embraced the main principles of democratic life by taking their developmental characteristics into consideration.

Students recognize the importance of sports in human life and learn the following;

  • Acquiring basic knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits related to Physical Education and Sports,
  • Developing and strengthening the systems and organs of their bodies,
  • Ensuring coordination of muscles, nerves, and joints,
  • Having good posture,
  • Moving according to the rhythm and music,
  • Understanding the meaning and importance of national festivals and independence days and participating in ceremonies,
  • Understanding the benefits of Physical Education and Sports and be eager to do sports in free time,
  • Acquiring knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits related to basic health rules and first aid,
  • Loving nature, benefiting from fresh air and sun,
  • Taking on the habit of cooperation and acting together,
  • Undertaking responsibilities and tasks, following a leader, and developing leadership skills,
  • Developing self-confidence, acquiring quick and relevant decision-making skills,
  • Fair-play and competing in a friendly manner, congratulating the winner, accepting failure, being against injustice and cheating,
  • Taking on the habits and attitudes required by democratic life,
  • Learning about sports tools and facilities and paying attention to using them properly,
  • Aiming at sports education in line with their talents and wishes.

Our Teaching Practices

The objective of education can be achieved through individual’s intellectual and physical education according to modern approaches. Physical education is an indispensable part of general education. Human organism is created to move. Movement is necessary for the organism to continue its normal functions and to be healthy. Movement is examined under the headings of social experience, health and fitness, body balance, aesthetic experience, clearing out tension, being perfect and superior, and it is multidimensional. Physical education that aims learning how to move and through movements, contributes to the achievement of the goals of general education through movements.

Within this framework Physical Education can be regarded as the total of physical activities organized in order to contribute to the physical, psychomotor, mental, emotional, and social development of the individual.