Learning Development Center (TÖGEM)

The Learning Development Center carries out activities for permanent learning in line with the Terakki Foundation Schools’ vision, mission, and educational understanding. Thus, the center is responsible for.

  • Designing and planning learning processes; developing learning materials and assessment tools suitable for the programme; assessing learning results and arranging the curricula
  • Planning assessment practices; coming up with proposal and projects; and carrying out and evaluating technical analysis

The center;

  • Focuses on “learning through experiencing and doing” and acts upon the principle of “from teaching to learning”,
  • Helps and guides teachers in planning learning processes and preparing instructions with alternatives regarding processes,
  • Provides support for preparing and developing learning materials created by teachers and also creates materials,
  • Carries out field research together with department/grade-level heads or teachers to procure learning materials,
  • Archives current learning materials; makes them ready for teacher use,
  • Provides advice to schools in order to use any kind of learning materials effectively in the learning process,
  • Provides support for teachers in terms of defining learning, preparing learning environment and materials; and developing all assessment tools to see whether learning happened,
  • Provides counseling regarding exams and preparing questions,
  • Carries out technical analysis of exams; informs department/grade-level heads, teachers, and school administration about the results of the analysis,
  • Coordinates the activities related to question bank and acts as an advisor,
  • Reviews and evaluates gaps in student learning and misconceptions, and all assessments and feedback with related departments and the school administration,
  • Expresses opinion regarding identifying the assessment criteria of schools,
  • Plans and concludes program evaluation at the end of each semester
  • Follows novelties and developments in learning design and assessment and integrates the novel approaches to the institution,
  • Organizes seminars and workshops based on the needs identified by teachers in terms of educational activities