Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service

Preschool education has a very important impact on school lives, social skills, and learning abilities of children.

It is a scientific fact that the most intensive and rapid learning happens between ages 0 and 7 among all other periods of development.

The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service has a very important role throughout this period which is the most important period regarding learning skills and is a part of the school- family- child triangle. It is crucial to establish this triangle in the soundest way possible so that the individual differences of the child can be recognized and the supportive counseling services could be provided accordingly.

The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Service prepares preschool activities from a developmental perspective and provides service in five main areas including,

  • Supporting adaptation to school
  • Following up individual differences
  • Developmental counseling services
  • Family counseling
  • Preventive counseling services

thus; helps students develop in an efficient and conscious way.