School-Parent Communications

School Administration- Parent Meetings

Parents can meet with administrators every work day in order to exchange information, ask questions, express ideas and suggestions by making appointments unless there is an emergency.

Teacher – Parent Meetings

Parents can make appointments in advance and meet with teachers individually in order to keep track of student progress throughout the year, determine, prevent, or resolve the possible problems, and share observations.

Counselor – Parent Meetings

The related counselor evaluates the behavioral development and social adaptation of children throughout the year. Parents meet with counselors either through making appointments or upon the request of the counselor.

Parent Meetings

At the beginning of the academic year a Parent- Student- Teacher Introduction Meeting is organized so that students get to know the school and adapt themselves to it.

The General Parent Meeting is organized after the academic year starts to ensure the establishment and development of school- parent cooperation and to share information regarding educational programmes, practices, and the operation of the school.